MORINGA OLEIFERA also known as "The Miracle Tree"

Moringa Oleifera is fast becoming a very sought after Raw Food. As a Raw Food and Super Food, it is unbeatable in its high amounts of Bio-available Nutritional and body building properties.  No other plant (vegetable) even comes close.

Australian (Grown-made-Certified) fresh Moringa Oleifera leaves is an amazing Raw Food.  It Contains very high levels of Multivitamins, Multi Proteins, Multi Minerals and Multi Antioxidants.  It has vast amounts of Chlorophyll and when used in salads, it contributes towards the amount of roughage our digestive system needs.

This Super Food is from the Miracle Tree Moringa Oleifera.  It is also called the TREE OF LIFE.

To view the amount of Bio-available levels of nutrition this Moringa leaves naturally contains especially when grown bio-dynamically to increase its yield of nutrition, Proteins, Minerals and other disease fighting abilities. Our Moringa comes from our very own Australian Moringa farm in Queensland where its quality is second to none. Its the very best available worldwide. Visit our growers website http://moringafarmaustralia.com.au/

If you are interested in this amazing Super Food product we stock this item and sell and distribute the product in a variety of  sizes.  Please email your enquiry to kahunamassagealoha@gmail.com

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