Lucy uses Organic blends formulated for your skin type.  The human skin and its needs are simple - cleaning, moisturising, nutrition and protection.

Are you aware that many personal care products contain ingredients that are toxic or less than safe for your health.

"For consumers committed to making their homes non-toxic"

Ask Lucy how she can help you change the products that you are using in your home, by using a safer alternative.

There could be products in your home that are making you family sick!!  Are you personal care products Toxic?  


Ka Huna Bodywork Practitioner

Your practitioner provides a safe, supportive environment and compassionate understanding to facilitate the client’s experience of self-healing. 

Your massage therapist will consult with you about your current physical, emotional and mental health.  This will assist the therapist and client in deciding on the treatment focus for the session.

All practitioners have extensive experience in the process of both giving and receiving Ka Huna Bodywork, client counseling and Huna philosophy.  It is important to drink plenty of water after a massage as this assists in the detoxifying process.

The cleansing effects and re-balancing of the body-mind can be felt for weeks after the treatment.  In the days following a massage, you might experience a range of emotions as various energies are still shifting.  There is no need to worry.

Ka Huna bodywork is a wonderful way to pamper a friend or yourself.  To bring the joy of life to your body, a feeling of peace to your mind, a sense of wonder to your soul.